June 20, 2024
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Can one justify Salt Bae’s gold-coated steak of Rs 1.3 Crores?

Salt Bae's gold-coated steak
Sarosh Mahmud
by Sarosh Mahmud

Salt Bae, a chef, a food entertainer and a restaurateur, recently shared a clip on his Instagram account in which he showed that he charged a guest Rs 1.3 Crore for a 24K gold-covered steak.

As per reports, Turkish chef Nusr-et Gokce, better known as ‘Salt Bae’, posted a clip of a 24-karat gold-coated steak. After a few days, the video got noticed by social media users and it managed to attract a huge traffic of viewers.

People in their comments under the video wrote that “it is very shocking that someone can charge this heavy amount for a stake.” But the Turkish chef has some other point of view as he says that the one who is coming to enjoy a gold-coated steak should have an idea of the price of the steak. The famous chef shared his Instagram story with a caption “Federal Bank- 24K gold”.

In its financial statement, Salt Bae’s company has shared that it has booked a profit of almost 22 crores in just one month, which is huge according to nieienz. In the clip, which has now gone viral, the steak is photographed on a chopping board at one of his kitchens. The chef has over 22 Nusr-et restaurants across the world.

The Instagram story comes days after the café proprietor shared a food bill from his eatery in Abu Dhabi, leaving web clients gob-smacked with the sum referenced on it. It showed that 14 visitors paid 140,584 pounds (Rs 1.3 crore), meaning it cost 10,041 pounds (Rs 9.69 lakh) per individual.

Here is the link to Salt Bae’s Insta post for your reference: