April 23, 2024
Business Featured Lahore

Celebrate “Global Entrepreneurship Week” with CMACED

by Saud Nadeem

Developing entrepreneurial mindset in Pakistan to build small and medium enterprises can be the key indicator to boost economic and social development. To put this statement into practice, Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship and Development (CMACED) Superior University is working hard since past few years for entrepreneurial revolution among youth.

Like every year, this time CMACED is celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week on Friday November 20. This time their startup alumni will join the audience and inspire them to become the future leaders of Pakistan. The purpose behind the activity is to tell the existing students about the success stories of their seniors and their passion to bring prosperity among the nation.

Entrepreneurship for the students and faculty is not the only thing CMACED is doing, it also putting efforts nationwide through its different projects to bring entrepreneurial revolution. Under the leadership of a truly inspirational and visionary lady Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Director CMACED, the team CMACED believes in making Pakistan self-reliant and solving problems through ideas.

In 2016, an initiative Technopreneurial Expo came up with 48 business ideas which made everyone realize AN IDEA IS WHAT MATTERS! The amazing thing in these 4 years is that these business ideas have reached to the toll of 330+ and still in counting. It is CMACED which has extended this power of ideas and has been training teachers who are now mentoring ideas for an economically superior Pakistan.

To develop entrepreneurial potential of Pakistani youth, it has a full fledge eco system which is working as power engine for our economy. In this unique entrepreneurial eco system, it has multiple units which are Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program (ETTP), Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP), Idea Croron Ka, Scale up PK, Innovation District 92, SEE Pakistan and Oh My Genius.

Under the CMACED’s vision, all of these roots are putting their efforts to change the mindset of Pakistani youth from job seeking to job creation through creative and innovative ideas. The number of trainings, workshops, seminars and mentoring sessions have guided the students to think in multiple angles to come up with some unique solutions for tricky problems.

CMACED is bridging the gaps between industry, academia and startups through their various unique initiatives like chalk talk, super startup championship, panel discussions, launches, collaborations and much more. Our motto is to empower and enable the youth of Pakistan, for building a stronger Pakistani Nation.