July 17, 2024
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Conscious competence: A key to fulfilled life

by Ummara Awan

As a reader, you’re not going to read something different from that one tons of conscious people are already talking about and envisioning their life for across the globe.

If we see as when we were children, we are in utmost conscious form of our creation. As kids, we rightly desire for the things which are close to our heart. As we grow old, so many distractions of the world divert our attention to other worldly things. Sooner or later, without being clear about our likes and dislikes, we lose our focus and become unable to enjoy and cherish life in its fullest manifestation.

To achieve this conscious competence, one should question oneself some important questions given below:

How much I am happy with my life right now?

Do I really feel to live the best life I can live?

How balanced do I feel across different areas of life?

How passionate I am about what I do in life?

How fulfilled I am with life?

Most of us don’t live to the fullest because we don’t believe that it is possible to do more; to be more and to have more in life. Life can be extraordinary as it is in our hands to take and change mud into gold; gold into diamonds. However, it’s not easy to figure out what happiness and fulfillment require you to do; and to achieve that it is very important to have a vision in life.

Having a vision in life is a decision-making framework which enables us to embark on new journeys of self-discovery like who we are; and what our believes, values, and driving forces are. We ought to have a clear understanding of our share of pain, suffering and joyfulness.

Dreaming the impossible dream of mindfulness can only be manifested if we become the driver of our own life and we take the conscious control of our life. Knowing the big way of life provides a sufficient fuel to understand which goal in life really matters to us and how we can craft our deepest desires by developing certain strategies and overcoming habits, emotions and patterns that disrupt our productivity.

One can sit back and create a life book to stay align with the internal North Star. We should not waste time anymore on the tasks which don’t bring us close to the vision of our life. We can enhance the quality of our life by envisioning a clear-cut life ahead. This vision can be divided into 10 parts:

  1. health and fitness,
  2. intellectual life
  3. career
  4. emotional life
  5. financial life
  6. character
  7. social life
  8. spiritual life
  9. parenting
  10. love relationship.

We can develop a clear framework from the above mentioned points and create a magic through the mind we have. This consciousness can lead us to a competent soul which will be aligned with what may come to its way letting life to come in a complete circle.