July 17, 2024
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Overseas Pakistanis show concerns over continuous ‘bad news’ from Pakistan

OPF Canada Chairman Burhan Khan points out a weaker link between Pakistan and expatriates; says new generation of expats will no longer be able to defend Pakistan, its ideology.

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Overseas Pakistani Forum (OPF Canada) Chairman Burhan Khan pointed out a weaker link between Pakistan, its institutions and expatriates, saying current situation and continuous unpleasant events in different parts of their homeland are a matter of concern for all of the overseas nations and their families.

Overseas Pakistani Forum
(OPF Canada)
Chairman Burhan Khan

“We expatriates expect from every government in Islamabad and all provincial administrations to make Pakistan a prosperous, developed and stable country in the South Asian region,” he said in a statement. Everyone must remember that overseas nationals will continue their support and their vital role in Pakistan’s development, he said.

OPF Canada Chairman Burhan Khan said that new generation of the expatriates will no longer be able to defend Pakistan and its ideology in the presence of continuous unpleasant events. He said that their problems are deep rooted and require a quick look from higher authorities.

“We are thinking, and expecting to see better things in Pakistan,” he said, adding that they are living outside of the homeland but always trying to create a softer image of Pakistan as a society and as a country. He said that the expatriates have to face a very tough situation due to bad news, emerging on international media.

“We believe that Pakistan will never leave us high and dry despite the fact that we have left our homeland for mostly the economic reasons,” he said. “Some people may resettled in foreign countries to make a better future for them and their families, but believe us we always try to use label of Pakistani Canadians with all the pride,” he said.

Besides blue collar jobs, Burhan Khan said that Pakistani Canadians are working as doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and earning good names as professionals in different fields. “Whenever we have enough money, we always choose Pakistan as our destination, and contribute financial support in different ways,” he said.

Recent data of the State Bank of Pakistan showed that remittances remained above two billion dollars for the eighth straight month in February 2021. “Yet, we are facing some horrible experiences i.e. young girls being raped and killed, even a young mother has been raped on the motorway, once considered as the ‘safest’ route, in front of her children,” he said.

He said that the horrible stories make things worse. Pointing out a recent event, he said that a judge has been attacked, and humiliated in his chamber by some lawyers in Islamabad. “We overseas Pakistanis left to deal with this embarrassment, as this news has circulated in international media by all major news networks and brought shame to the judiciary and the bar council,” he said.