July 17, 2024
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Role of a teacher in the training of students

Role of a teacher in the training of students as they hear the sayings of their teachers and try to implement them in their own personalities.

by Mehak Bano

A person who teaches any skill to anybody or the one who mends the character of a child is called a teacher. It is the teacher who has the future of the new generation in his hands, that is why, Islam has given so much importance to the teacher.

Last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Verily I have been sent as a teacher.” (Sunan Ibn Majah). It means a teacher plays a very important role in building the characters and morals of the children on the basis of his own actions, understanding towards life and thought processes.

Training and education of the children can never be possible unless a teacher him/herself has got a strong character. It is the teacher who trains the children and molds them into beautiful individuals because the most difficult task in the world is to train and educate the children and to build their character.

Teachers are the role models of their students as they hear the sayings of their teachers and try to implement them in their own personalities. This way, a teacher plays the most effective role in the training of the children. A true teacher explains spiritual, religious, moral and all the necessary and relevant pathways to his/her students to perform his/her duty in a just way.

It is also important for a teacher to improve the academic ability of the students to compete in the worldly competitions and examinations. A teacher also educates his students about the correct use of modern technology and tells them to perform well in their social circles. He enriches the personalities of his students with love and sincerity to make them patriots with extraordinary leadership skills. The most important thing is that a teacher must develop in him/herself all the qualities which he wants to see in his/her students.

A teacher is called the architect of a nation as he teaches each student according to his/her personality because a child cannot become a doctor, an engineer, a pilot or a columnist at the same time. Just like a doctor treats different patients with different medicines

While teaching the students, a teacher can guess from his observation that which of them has what kind of ability and trains them accordingly because it is the teacher only who can change the personality of a child altogether.

When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came to this world, the condition of the people was very bad; everyone was after one another’s blood but the Holy Prophet (PBUH) trained them in such a way that they become religious and civilized.

In the same way, if a teacher sincerely trains his students, he can literally change their destiny. So, a teacher is the one who can lift the child from the ground to the heights of the skies.

A teacher should take care of the quality of education which he is imparting to the children and bring them up according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because quality education is that provides the means of goodness in the world and in the hereafter too.

A teacher should work on making the students good human beings as well because no matter where you go in the world you can’t succeed unless you are fully aware of the ethics, therefore, it is important for the teacher to improve the conduct of the students from their childhood because the wood can be molded to any shape as long as it is wet but if it gets dried, it breaks.

The author is an MPhil Islamic Studies scholar at the University of Lahore.