July 17, 2024

SABAQ holds a webinar on education & technology


Press Release

A webinar session on ‘The scope of education & technology in the education sector of Pakistan’ was organized by the SABAQ Learning Foundation; the webinar was moderated by Avinash Advani (SABAQ Representative & Researcher).

Maheen Usmani,an award-winning journalist and author of The Mercurial Mr Bhutto and Other Stories shared her experience saying that there should be reforms in the education sector and also it is the pre-requisite to provide good culture to the students. She said that community engagement was essential because schools were vital to their teachers and communities, inspiring parents and community members to become partners in promoting school success. She added that good culture within the classroom was the need of the hour whereas teachers must urge the students to ask better questions.

Dr. Kamran Akbar Soomro who has been serving as assistant professor at SZABIST Karachi said that community development was the most important factor in order to improve the quality of education. He also suggested that public-private partnership could play a significant role in the promotion of school education. He further said that it was direly needed to promote education through technology in the remote areas.

Mehboob Ali Naich who is a USAID representative assured that the School Education Sector Plan (2019-2024) would be implemented. He said that there were some gradual improvements in the education sector of Sindh. He added that SMC would be activated and the female participants would take lead in order to improve the enrollment of girls as well. He further said that it was needed to hire right people at the right job.

SABAQ Learning Foundation has also provided a platform to the Champions of Change who has been working on the ground despite facing some issues. Abdul Wahid (IBA-HM Badin) discussed about the merits and demerits of the school education system in Sindh and also about the allocation of resources. Taj Muhammad (IBA-HM Tando Muhammad Khan) discussed about the future of education and technology in the province. Kiran Bibi (IBA-HM Tando Muhammad Khan) talked about the girls’ education and shared her experiences in this regard.

At the end of the webinar, all the speakers shared their remarks and added a few more points like allocation of human resources, dignity of honors, the way of working of an organization and its planning, community development, career counselling and result orientation.

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