July 17, 2024

SABAQ organizes webinar on ‘Reflective Practice in the Education’

By Avinash Advani

SABAQ (Mera Sabaq Learning Systems Private Limited) held a webinar in collaboration with renowned educators in the field on reflective practice and its importance in education and education technology. Guest speakers defined reflective practice its usage during learning.

“The poor have access to education which is sub-par and students have to go through informal education. Girls are disadvantaged particularly and it becomes crucial to adopt reflective practice at all levels of education” said, Dr. Severine Minot who is teaching in the field of migration studies and cultural studies while also supporting the pedagogical objectives of the Liberal Core program during her stay at Habib University.

The purpose of education was discussed in detail by Dr. Sarwat Nauman who is an Assistant Professor at the Department of education, Institute of Business Management, Karachi. She highlighted that “what have we done, why and how we can improve” can simply be defined as reflective practice. “People are stagnant about their practice and teachers presumably teach what they have been taught. For us to evolve, we need reflective practices in our educators, teachers. Only then they can transfer their knowledge to the pupils.”

Hasaan Anwar Mohiuddin, Manager at Center for Business and Economic Research at Institute of Business Administration highlighted that “Technology is crucial in the current landscape. It is critical to monitor its update. Technology helps in plugging in the gaps but at the same time it’s important to monitor its effectiveness”.

Hina Ali Shaikh, a seasoned professional having diversified experience in the field of Education, research and governance in nonprofits spoke about developing and using reflective practice during lesson planning.

Aly Zubairy, Project Manager at the UAE Ministry of Tolerance shared a perspective on how unfair it can be for the public schools teachers to reflect and identify areas of improvement but not be given adequate resources to improve those areas of improvement. He highlighted that education system as large should focus on inclusivity and equal access to hardware and resources and then instill these qualities in the teachers and educators.

With the support of Sindh Education Literacy Department and Malala Fund, SABAQ holds a series of webinars for its selected test-qualified Champions of Change (teachers). They receive ongoing training and mentorship from our team to ensure smooth execution.

SABAQ has been in the Ed-tech industry for last ten years with a mission to help millions of Pakistani children to succeed throughout primary grades and successfully transit to secondary grades. SABAQ aims to leverage technology to make educational content more accessible to the children across Pakistan.