June 21, 2024

Imran Khan sees an independent Pakistan in near future

He said this while talking to the students of Cadet College of Isakhel in Mianwali after inaugurating a mega water supply scheme for Isakhel and adjacent areas.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Saturday that the time was not far away when everybody would see Pakistan as an independent and emerging state on the map of the world.

He said this while talking to the students of Cadet College of Isakhel in Mianwali after inaugurating a a mega water supply scheme for Isakhel and adjacent areas.

Paying a tribute to the people of Mianwali, he said that the people of the city had supported him since his entering into the politics despite the disheartening designs by the opposition parties.

He said that the opposition parties mocked at him before his every success and now they were doing the same when he had sloganeered the idea of ‘Naya Pakistan’.

He further said that Naya Pakistan will come into being and you would be proud as that time is not so far. Pakistan would become one of the strongest countries in the world; just wait a little more, he claimed.

He said that most of the complaints he had been witnessing in this region for last 24 years were related to water, fake FIRs and shortage of schools or girls school teachers, nurses and doctors.

He also said that the water supply would be enough for all the union councils of the area except two adding that the government would allow the local hospitals to hire their own doctors to resolve the issue of the availability of the doctors.

The shortage of girls school teachers would be addressed the same way, he said.

He further said that people living in palaces and getting their medical treatment from abroad could never feel the needs of the poor rather Usman Buzdar, from a backward area, might understand the issues of these areas in a better way.

He said that any society with an unjust rule of law could never survive for a long time particularly when it had separate laws for the poor and the rich.

The main objective of State of Madina was also to empower the poor and shield them from the cruelties of the powerful ones, he added.

He asked the inspector general of Punjab Police and other senior officers to monitor the police stations on regular basis so that nobody could victimize the week people.

He said that the government would provide maximum funds for the up gradation of the cadet college to improve the educational needs of the area.

He also said that a Knowledge City would be developed at the Namal University to provide facilities like schools and research centers.

He further said that the students of Namal University had obtained first division from Bradford University while being in Pakistan and it depicts the height of talent here in the country.

He announced that the clean drinking water supply project would cost Rs 3.2 billion out of which 80 percent would be funded by the federal government and 20 percent by the provincial government.

The project would ensure supply of 3.4 million gallons per day water to a population of around 250,000 people in 87 towns and 151 villages.

To be powered by solar energy, the project would also have three-month water conservation capacity to cope with the needs during the dry season.

During his visit, the prime minister also vaccinated a child to mark the World Polio Day (October 24) with purpose to make Pakistan a polio-free country.