May 30, 2024

Lahore Leads University holds training workshop for Faculty of Engineering

Lahore Leads University launches training workshop for Faculty of Engineering

A Teachers Training Workshop for the Engineering Faculty at Lahore Leads University was held at the university’s Kamahan Campus. The workshop was conducted by a team of experienced and qualified trainers who specialize in engineering education. The training session covered the topics including classroom communication, teacher-student relations, lesson planning, effective use of technology in the classroom, student engagement techniques, and assessment strategies.
While talking to the participants, Team Lead Engr. Haider Ali Khan said engineers are professionals who work with the design, development, testing, and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment. They use their expertise to create a wide range of products, from consumer electronics like smartphones and computers to complex systems like power grids and communication networks.
Engr. Haider Ali said, engineers are responsible for analyzing and solving problems related to electrical systems, including issues with power transmission and distribution, circuit design, and control systems. They work in a variety of industries, including energy, telecommunications, aerospace, and manufacturing, and are essential to the development of new technologies that power our modern world. They need to keep themselves upgrading on continuous basis.
On the occasion, Vice Chancellor Dr. Nadeem Bhatti emphasized on the importance of teacher education at the higher education level. He said, most of the time, teachers are very qualified and competent, yet they lack the art of teaching. Teaching is an art which our teachers need to up skill for the knowledge of the teacher without the art of imparting is totally unavailing, he added.
Dr. Nadeem Bhatti also said that the training of the teaching staff in the Engineering Faculty must be arranged on regularly to assist them in achieving and maintaining their professional life.