June 21, 2024
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LLU’s Dept of Education hosts workshop on “Qualitative Research Methods and Data Analysis”

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In order to facilitate the MPhil scholars and the research supervisors, Lahore Leads University’s (LLU) Department of Education on Sunday arranged a workshop on “Qualitative Research Methods and Data Analysis”.

According to the details, LLU’s Education Department hosted a workshop on “Qualitative Research Methods and Data Analysis” with Dr Fasiha Altaf from University of the Punjab’s Institute of Education and Research as keynote speaker. The purpose behind conducting the workshop was to upgrade and enhance the expertise of the researchers in qualitative research analysis.

In the beginning of the workshop, Dr Fasiha gave a detailed overview of the qualitative research and discussed it various prospects. She further discussed that where and how the qualitative research methods were being used and applied.

Moving on further, she scrutinized that when and how to use interviews and focus groups in research studies and also quoted examples in this regard. She also discussed logistics while planning interviews and focus groups. Hence, a complete procedure of doing qualitative data analysis was imparted to the students.

During the workshop, the participants analyzed the sample qualitative data on their laptops by using the NVivo software. At the end of the session, Dr Fasiha discussed the use of qualitative research methods in grants and also quoted examples where needed.

A big number of students and faculty members who actively attended the workshop expressed their satisfaction by terming the session an informative activity.

Department of Education Head Dr Sumaira Munawar, at the end, thanked Dr Fasiha Altaf for providing the participants of the workshop with quality information on “Qualitative Research Methods and Data Analysis”.

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