April 23, 2024
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Chiltan Pure Ubtan Scrub: A natural resource to permanent glowing skin

Chiltan Pure Ubtan Scrub: A natural resource to permanent glowing skin

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Chiltan Pure is a proud Pakistani brand which offers a huge range of organic and herbal products in health, food and skincare categories.

One of the skincare products Chiltan Pure offers is its Ubtan Scrub that is a gift for those who love to be conscious about their skin. It contains essential herbs and minerals which keep the skin healthy and fresh. It removes the blocked pores, exfoliates impurities and gives a glow to your skin. Ubtan scrub contains ingredients like turmeric and is safe for all skin types.

We all have heard about the desi ubtan our mothers or grandmothers used to make as a skincare tonic. Most of the times, the ubtan was made for the brides and grooms on marriage ceremonies. The fact is that the ubtan always works and gives a glow that is much needed by the brides and grooms on their big days. Even salons also advertise their ubtan recipes for a natural and quick glow.

Now, as the time is changed and the actual ubtan recipes are rare to find, Chiltan Pure has introduced its Ubtan Scrub for both face and body. The best thing Chiltan Pure has done is its recipe; it is the actual natural ubtan recipe with some added ingredients introduced by Chiltan Pure. The hygiene standards followed by Chiltan Pure is another plus point; as from preparation to packing and then usage, the product is made, packed and consumed in a safe manner.

To your surprise, Chiltan Pure’s Ubtan Scrub is equally good for both males and females. The ladies who go out for work or those who stay in the kitchens all can use this product for a fresh and glowing skin. Similarly, the males who remain at work most of the time are encouraged to use this product on daily basis.

Unlike the old desi ubtan, Chiltan Pure’s ubtan is not required to apply on the skin for 15 to 30 minutes. It requires only 30 seconds after applying on the skin and then rinse with normal tap water; and the result itself will prove the quality of the product.

You may order Chiltan Pure’s Ubtan Scrub online or get it from their outlets as well.