July 17, 2024
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COVIDfied Coke Studio!

Rohail Hyatt has explained in his Facebook post that 2020’s Coke Studio is a humble and small effort but it was made out of very high spirits.

by Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri

Coke Studio has limited its numbers, artists and resources due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the social media posts of Coke Studio Producer Roahil Hyatt, Coke Studio 2020 is being recorded with very limited resources.

In one of his recent Facebook posts, Hyatt wrote that due to the implications of coronavirus outbreak, there was no commercial activity for Coke Studio 2020. Keeping in view the love and interest of the audience, Coke Studio decided to record the songs with very limited resources, he added.

He further wrote that ‘Coke Studio 2020 is a small-scale production which followed COVID related all SOPs. ‘Unfortunately, no regional artists could be incorporated and the scale has been reduced to 12 songs’, he mentioned.

He, however, wrote that despite the fact that there were limitations and challenges, all the artists performed to the best of their abilities and made Coke Studio 2020 a rewarding experience.

He also thanked the fellow artists and singers who accommodated Coke Studio in the testing times and managed with the limited arrangements.

He further wrote that living with a pandemic outside was a challenge and he also shared the Coke Studio 2020 with the audience taking it as a challenge.

He also explained that 2020’s Coke Studio was a humble and small effort but it was made out of very high spirits.

The audience and fans appreciated the words communicate by Coke Studio’s producer and left some very encouraging comments under his post.

Huhammad Mehmood Khan commented “Rohail Hyatt sir. It’s your experimentation that we all love. It is the very essence of Coke Studio. We are so looking forward to this season. We have complete faith in you and hey, glad to see you a bit active on social media and in interviews.”

Shahkar Zaib commented “It’s okay; we understand. It’s really a major problem across the he world but these are good efforts to complete Coke Studio 2020. Hope we shall enjoy it. We are expecting the next season shall be the best one, Sir.”