June 19, 2024
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Hand bag; the king of accessories!!

Besides a fashion statement, bags are a kind of accessory which is our daily need in which we usually put money, makeup, jewellery, eatables or any personal thing which we might need while going out.


By Maria Gul Laraib

Whenever or wherever we go, we all never forget to take our hand bags with us. Yes! Some of us don’t like to wear jewelry or makeup and keep stylish hairstyles all the time. But, without fashionable hand bags and purses our life seems so incomplete. Besides a fashion statement, bags are a kind of accessory which is our daily need in which we usually put money, makeup, jewellery, eatables or any personal thing which we might need while going out.

This is an age of modernism where fashion is not limited to women. Accessories are also designed by men even from jewellery to handbags. It would not be wrong to say that today’s man is saying yes to the trend of carrying handbags even big ones!!

If don’t believe it, just search out for the dashing images of Orlando Bloom and Cristiano Ronaldo carrying handbags confidently. However, in Pakistan every new fashion genre takes a little time to blend with our rich culture. But, in the recent and, upcoming fashion shows male bags are going to become quite a common thing as rich hunks of Lahore are already carrying bags.

Keeping in view this global man happening, many of our accessory brands are already working to launch ‘local men’s bag collections’ which are trendy and economical at the same time.

However, it would not be appropriate to write anything about the styles of man handbags before the local bags collection is launched. So, this article is dedicated to our beautiful fashionistas only!!

As we know that the fashion priorities as well as the needs and requirements of every age group are different. So, hands bags are divided among three major age groups.

Contemporary bags are carried by the young bloods between the ages of 16 to 24. These bags are quite trendy and are usually sported on casual events such as hanging out with friends or in universities.

These bags are quite big in size so you can stuff them with loads of things like makeup and, of course a big lunch box containing delicious food to be enjoyed with friends during university hours.

Don’t forget to embellish your big bag with interesting key chains to make it look even funkier.

Contemporary bags are available in the market in different fabrics as youngsters don’t like to carry a leather bag. So, just go for a cane, jute, denim or printed khadi bag with a lot of laces or golden and silver glittery linings in their fabric. Just grab them from the market. Believe me! You will look a super cool kitty…

When we talk about our working ladies they want more of a classy and versatile looks for themselves. So, straight and sleek cut bags are the right choice for them. Usually, sleek leather bags with long straps are designed with a lot of pockets and have at least two inside partitions so it is easy to keep them neat and well managed, and not stuffed like a teen’s ‘contemporary ones’.

Black, brown, royal blue, white or skins are the evergreen colors for leather bags. So, go for them especially those, which are designed with a brand name exhibited over them. Because, sometimes it is just the brand that makes your classy bag popular among your colleagues….

You all have seen Hina Rabbani Khar; our versatile and talented politician carrying the world’s most popular bag types which are categorized as high fashion bags. These bags are majorly designed by the international accessory brands like Gucci, Channel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton which are easily available from the posh markets of Paksitan.

The spectacular thing about these bags that makes you crazy at their first sight is their glamorous cuts, the feel and gloss, and the softness of the real animal skin when you touch them.

If you are a fashion pet of a rich class, buy these bags immediately. They are available from formal clutches and semi-formal purses, to the casual big bags. However, today’s trade mark of high fashion bags is medium sized purse with long string attached to them. Long string purses were the fashion statement of 1990’s which gradually made its glorious comeback in early 2013.

But, this time these high fashion purses are not only loved by women but by the young girls also as many of them have been seen carrying these purses especially with fusion wear like jumpsuits or even with long shirts and choori dar pajama.

If we talk about the latest color varieties in bags; Barbie and tea pink, camel brown, black, royal blue and fiery hot colour bags are going really trendy.

However, as I discussed earlier that the global hallmark of these winters is dirty yellow which made its successful entry in Pakistan and got popular not even in accessories but in our daily attires as well.

So just start the survey of your favorite accessories on different outlets ,and you’ll find dirty yellow bags from contemporary’s to high fashion ones everywhere.

Enjoy the changing weather with a confidence that you are the most fashionable lady who never compromises on the choice of her essential accessory; hand bags!!