April 23, 2024

No switch button for Naya Pakistan, joint effort is needed: Imran Khan

While addressing the Insaf Doctors Convention, he said Naya Pakistan would not be established by switching some button on rather it would be done by doing constant and collective struggle.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that Pakistani nation would have to fight jointly to materialize the dream of Naya Pakistan by introducing reforms at institutional level and following the principle of meritocracy.

While addressing the Insaf Doctors Convention, he said that people ask him about Naya Pakistan and added that Naya Pakistan would not be established by switching some button on rather it would be done by doing constant and collective struggle.

He said that it was the most appropriate time for the nation to struggle collectively for the refinement of the government institutions which are in a read bad condition.

He said that the construction work of Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Peshawar and its foreign certification took three years in total while only the refinement of the government hospitals in KP took even more than three years

He explained that this delay was because of the mafias in the hospitals as they used to obtain stay orders from the courts whenever some reforms were introduced from the government. Similarly, mafias in the country resisted change and put hurdles in the way of the government, he said.

Talking about the growing corona cases, he asked the nation to strictly follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and said that the next two months were really critical especially for the cities with high pollution and smog.

The nationalization of hospitals and schools in Pakistan damaged the performance of the public hospitals and schools leaving the low income people in lurch, he said adding that the rich people who were supposed to introduce reforms started having their medical treatments from London and other foreign countries.

He urged the nation to study the concept of the State of Madina which introduced a great civilization but after a consistent struggle.

The prime minister said that reforms in health sector were never meant to privatize the hospitals rather they were to implement meritocracy there.

About the coalition of the opposition parties, he said that all the pickpockets had made an alliance when they were all made accountable to their corrupt deeds.

He further said that it was a crucial time for Pakistan as he would not be blackmailed by the opposition coalition and would hold them accountable for their corruption.

The people of KP always favoured the one who did something to improve their living standard, he said adding that this was the reason they elected PTI consecutively for the second time and that also with a two third majority.

He also asked the Punjab government to introduce health insurance card in Punjab like the KP. He directed the Punjab government to issue health insurance cards to widows, low income families and transgenders initially.

With the issuance of Sehat Insaf Card, the network of private hospitals would also expand and the government had already planned different incentives for them like duty-free medical equipment and evacuee property land at concessional rates for their buildings.

Talking about the wave of Islamophobia initiated by France, the prime minister said that he had written letters to all the Muslim countries to respond jointly to raise the issue of Islamophobia in the world.