June 21, 2024
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Happy Mother’s Day:
Forceful eviction of parents a punishable offense now in Pakistan

CT Newsroom

Just a day before Happy Mother’s Day, President Dr. Arif Alvi, on May 8, has enforced the “Parents Protection Ordinance 2021” in Pakistan.

Under the ordinance, evicting parents will be a punishable offense. Those found guilty may face a prison term up to one year or fine, or both.

President Alvi issued the ordinance under Article 89 of the constitution.

Parents will have the right to evict their children in Happy Mother’s Day case they own the property, according to the ordinance. But children may not evict parents even if they owned the house or paid the rent.

Children will have to vacate home in case they are given a written notice by their parents, it says.

They may have to face one-month imprisonment or fine, or both for failing to vacate it after being served a notice.

The deputy commissioner will have the powers to evict children. They could be arrested by the police without warrants after filing of a complaint by the parents.

The arrested individuals will be presented before a magistrate and both sides reserve the right to appeal.

As the name of the ordinance suggests, it has been developed to stop the forced eviction of the parents by their children in the country. After the enforcement of the ordinance, evicting parents from the house forcefully will be a punishable offense and if anybody found guilty will have to go to the jail for up to a year or pay fine or both.

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