April 23, 2024
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Naqeebz & Kotler Impact to feature successful companies from Pakistan in EOMM

Naqeebz & Kotler Impact Inc., a part of World Marketing Summit Group – founded by the father of modern marketing, Prof. Philip Kotler, are all set to publish a book titled “Essentials of Modern Marketing (EOMM)”.

Kotler Impact Inc. is launching EOMM in many countries including Pakistan this year. This is happening for the first time that any international book is going to incorporate success stories of national and MNC organizations operating in the respective countries. This will bridge the gap between the academia and corporate sectors.

Students in Pakistan and other developing countries are used to study the case studies/success stories of foreign companies as part of their textbooks and they would hardly relate with their products and services. Now, they will study about the companies, products or services which they either avail or see around them. This is a breakthrough!

A country advisory board has been formed in all the countries to evaluate the expression of interest of companies willing to showcase their success story in EOMM. So far, the country advisory board of Pakistan has shortlisted the following companies:

1.       Meezan Bank

2.       Jazz

3.       Daraz

4.       Shan Foods

5.       Bank Islami

6.       PharmEvo

7.       EFU Life Insurance

8.       Jaffer Business Systems

9.       Engro Fertilizers

10.     National Foods

11.     Fatima Group

12.     Dawlance Group

While the EOI of many companies is being evaluated by the board,Naqeebz & Kotler Impact has partnered in the marketing and management of the book. Professors from the local universities will write a case on the participating companies that is then vetted by the lead authors of EOMM.

The success of SMEs will also to be incorporated in EOMM as Company Highlights.

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