June 19, 2024
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PM announces uplift package worth Rs370bn for Gilgit Baltistan

CT Newsroom

Sub-editor: Zeeshan Pervaiz

Funds worth 370 billion rupees have been approved for the welfare of Gilgit Baltistan by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

While addressing a ceremony in Gilgit on Friday, PM Imran Khan revealed that it was by far the first of its kind package, in terms of amount, issued for the welfare of this region by the state. The amount will be used to add glory to already claimed ‘heaven on earth’.

The PM said that the project includes the establishment, development and improvement of several projects mainly comprising of hydroelectric power plants, transmission projects, reinforcement of roads for better tourism, scholarship programs for the encouragement of youth, improvement of health and water, and sanitation projects. The prime minister’s project also focuses on local cottage industries and other pursuits as well. Imran Khan also aims to enhance the capacity and infrastructure of the Gilgit airport so that it can handle international flights as well.

The objective of this plan is to enhance attraction for tourism in this region which will not only strengthen the financial capacity of the locals but also the whole country. GB is capable of becoming self-sufficient and independent through tourism, said PM Imran.

However, he laid emphasis on the need of awareness of tourism amongst masses as it can prove to be helpful. He further said that forests and mountains have as much importance as tourism does and for this, the local government will provide their services by helping in the preservation of the natural landscape.