May 30, 2024
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WASA warns of cutting off water connections over non-payment of charges

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Water and Sanitation Authority WASA warns Lahore has warned of cutting off water connections over non-payment of water charges.

According to the details, WASA Managing Director Syed Zahid Aziz in a press release on Monday directed all the assistant directors to speed up the recovery campaign and stay in the field in this regard about WASA warns.

He also asked the deputy directors to observe the recovery situation on daily basis and meet their targets in any case.

He also directed the concerned officials to cut off the water connection of the consumers who were not paying their water charges.

Lahore WASA has proposed a project “Lahore Water and Wastewater Management (LWWM) Project” which has following two components:

1. “Construction of Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP) at BRBD Canal, Near Ravi Syphon, Lahore.”

2. “Laying of Sewerage System from Larech Colony to Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore (Through Trenchless Technology).” 

1. The SWTP has following three components: 

    a. Diversion of water from Bambanwala-Ravi-Bedian-Depalpur (BRBD) canal to proposed surface water treatment plant by constructing the required infrastructure

    b. Construction of a new Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP) having capacity of 54MGD (245,000 m3/day) and supplying it to the most affected areas of the city.

    c. Surface water treatment plant to Feeding Main through Transmission Main of the length 3.5 km and then Feeding Main to the existing distribution network of four

       selected serving areas including Shadipura, Baghbanpura, Fatehgarh and Mustafabad of district Lahore.

2. The Trunk Sewer will serve the Central Zone of Lahore by two routes of the sewerage system namely Line-A and Line-B.

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