July 17, 2024
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Life beyond earth dust to cosmic dust

by Ummara Afzal Awan

Mankind, from the creation of the first person Adam till now, is being created from dust. The essence of creation from dust raises many questions but the truest secret is known to The Almighty only. However, the human mind is constantly peeping through the window of the body to look around on his environment in search of the deeper meanings of the dust.

Who we are?

Where we have come from?

How we are being made?

What is the internal and external relationship of this dust?

How this dust can be linked widely to the universe?

Let us take a look at a small pinch of soil from our courtyard or somewhere else out there. One may be amazed to find it as a product of the rich and complex ecosystem which is accommodating a staggering array of bio-adversity.

It not only underpins human production systems but also provides support to the cultivation of vegetation for feed, fibre and fuel and has the potential to help combat and mitigate climate change. Take the sample to a laboratory, the genome sequencing of soil results make us think more complex ideas of organic compounds from this simple soil.

And then we see human beings taking our consciousness from the complex experimentation of earth based soil and raising our attention towards the sky in the pursuit of its supreme and secret relationship with the cosmos.

After decades of research, we are able to understand that cosmic dust particles evolve cyclically in this universe in chemical, physical and dynamic order. This process comprises of production, storage processing, collection, consumption and discarding of almost the same elements which are present in earth. These elements have two properties; they are elements as well as the waves. A wave, at one point of time, is present everywhere in the sphere of an atom. We can also see that the whole universe is made up of atoms and other forces and these all are comprised of space ways. All in all, it’s space around us.

We human beings who are made up of atoms too become greater by evolving and elevating ourselves to the higher levels of cosmos which in nutshell is space. We all are part of the space. Our homeland earth is also space. In reality, one part of space is getting information and the other part is self-monologue of knowledge from one point to another. Subject, object and Verb all are working as space; Wahdatul Wajood.

In this process of consciousness, one focuses towards The Infinite. This divine encounter of truth opens up one’s mind and soul to search for the Omnipotence. One’s true identity of self and that is when the Supreme Power starts beating in one’s own heart making the rhythms of his soul align with the greater being. Only then, the creation of dust stops mocking the triviality of this worldly dust. Then the consciousness arises from its footsteps and mankind becomes humble. Allah becomes hand, tongue and eyes of such human being. This humble being then attains the pinnacle of its own true self and becomes a part of the divinity by following the protocol of humbleness.

Kindness is the earth system of this whole process of consciousness. If an individual’s consciousness can get any reward from the universal consciousness, it has to be grounded, and start receiving positive charge and blessings from the Divine.

Peace & Blessings

The author is studying hospitality & tourism at the College of Environment & Earth Sciences, PU.