July 18, 2024
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Pakistan capable enough to defend its territorial integrity: President Alvi

HP Newsroom

President Arif Alvi has said that Pakistan has got all the capabilities to respond to any misadventure aptly for the security of its territorial integrity.

While addressing the military parade at the Parade Avenue in Islamabad on Thursday (today), he said Pakistan would protect its freedom and individuality in any way.

He also said that Pakistan’s utmost aspiration is to go for regional peace and development.

He further said that the countries in South Asia should burry the politics of hate, envy, extremism and prejudice and try to coexist in a peaceful way.

He added that Pakistan wants peace in the region but this desire should not be taken as a weakness as the country knows well how to protect itself.

He said that our armed forces are our pride and the whole nation is with them in case of any foreign aggression.

The President also paid rich tributes to the leaders of Pakistan Movement.