June 19, 2024
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Dr. Firdaus-Sonia Sadaf episode: A classic case of feminine jealousy

by Prof. Sultan Mahmood Niazi

Sialkot witnessed a comic scene of a female politician losing temper when Dr. Firdaus Ashiq Awan, Special Advisor to the Chief Minister, Punjab, burst out against Dr. Firdaus-Sonia Sadaf, Assistant Commissioner, Sialkot, during the visit of the former to the Ramzan Bazar on May 3, 2021.

The spectacle regaled the people around with an unpleasant but funny episode of family drama, when Dr. Firdaus Ashiq Awan saw the graceful figure of Ms. Sonia Sadaf poised beside her. Ms. Sonia was about seven inches taller and Dr. Awan had to turn her eyes upwards to talk to her. In other words, she must have felt that, idiomatically speaking, Ms. Sonia was looking down upon her. Much of the inflated self-image dissipated the moment she saw herself being dwarfed by another female. Lots of air must have hissed out of her conceited personality when she was turned into a shriveled and wrinkled soft balloon. The difference in stature provided her enough fuel to blow out flames against the defenseless target.

Being scores of years younger, Ms. Sonia gave a fresher look against the rusted out image of Dr. Firdaus. Coats and coats of make-up couldn’t hide the creases caused by time on her appearance. The seasoned lady has assumed a peculiar look which casts a shade of staleness on her entire façade. Standing next to Dr. Firdaus-Sonia Sadaf, she must have been able to gauge the level of her own deficiency of charm, although some sycophants around her must have been daily reinforcing her self- image through regular application of flattery. She knew that, as far as the looks were concerned, she was no match to the lady who happened to be standing next to her. Responding to her female instinct of jealousy at having been trounced in the contest of looks, Dr. Firdaus resorted to the weapon of rebukes and hurled the palliatives at the crowned victor, without any check or remorse. She must have felt great relief when she saw her supposed tormentor stepping back and disappearing into the crowd which she had succeeded in drawing around her. It must have given her a sense of victory over the adversary, but her triumph must have been very short lived.

The dress of the supposed rival was another cause of chagrin heaped upon the frail temperament of the conceited politician. Dr. Firdaus-Sonia Sadaf always took pains to become known as the best-dressed lady in the country. She had taken pains in finding out a draper which could prepare the costly dresses of her choice. At the Ramzan Bazar, she found herself being appraised against a novice in the government service circles catching more appreciative looks from the people present on the scene. Her self-image of reportedly being the best dressed lady in the country had abruptly been overshadowed by another female simply dressed in a lawn shalwar qameez, as Dr. Firdaus herself was, though in a costlier apparel.

The friction of jealousy must have filled with enough heat to spew out flames not only against the poor government servant but also against those who had committed the mistake of letting her clear the competitive examination and posting her as Assistant Commissioner, Sialkot. The flamed she spewed and spewed them plenty without realizing that her own reputation of being a seasoned politician was being burnt to ashes.

Ms. Sonia withstood the verbal onslaught as long as she honorably could manage. People heard her explaining her point of view in a civilized and polite manner. The infuriated Special advisor to the Chief Minister, renowned for her sharp tongue relished the occasion of cutting down the poor victim to size. She is a master entertainer as far as ridiculing the people is concerned. Now, she had the opportunity of ridiculing a person from whom there was no risk of any retaliation. Why should she let such a golden opportunity slip by? She took to applying the fumigation to her heart’s content, and presumably, as far as her own judgment reflected there was no harm in doing that. She forced the assumed adversary to retreat. What a big victory for Dr. Firdaus Ashiq Awan. She had just come out of the trauma of her party losing the Duska bye-elections. She needed a dose of ego rebuilding. Well done, Dr. Firdaus. The crown suits you. You deserve a tap on the back by those who picked you and let you in the arena to smash the unfortunate opponents.