April 22, 2024
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Fog, fog, fog; much to blog

During the entire period of the constitutional history of Pakistan, senate elections have always been held in the light of Article 226 of the constitution which makes it imperative to hold the elections through secret ballots.


Prof. Sultan Mahmood

It’s too much to endure. For weeks now, the fog has kept everything enshrouded in haze. A blanket of uncertainty, a cloak of ambiguity and a veil of darkness is gnawing at the sensibilities, distracting the concentration and benumbing the intellect. The dismal atmosphere cripples the feelings on the one hand, and shackles the urge to venture out and seek solace in the blissful lap of Nature. It’s a very disturbing experience, an unsettling realization and a frustrating sight that in spite of one’s best efforts, one fails to make out anything clearly out of the intriguing surroundings. Look at whatever aspect of the situation you may, the shield of mysterious doubt is tightly spread over the environment.

Too much uncertainty prevails on the political front. The government overtly appears to be in shambles. While the price hike is going on unchecked, criminals are having hay days. Disappearance of currency notes worth millions, during transfer from the Security Printing Press by a well-guarded freight train, is appropriate enough material for the making of a thrilling crime-movie. The news of two Lahorites involved in the kidnapping of foreign tourists with the intention of extortion of byte-coins worth billions of dollars is splashed over the TV screens and spread over the front pages of newspapers, all over the world, adding to the dark distinctions gained by us in the past. Videos of exchange of mouth-watering stacks of currency notes being paid to the politicians as guarantee for the election of the ‘most suitable legislators’ for the nation, and subsequent selection of such hand-picked ultra-wise politician, as provincial law minister for more than two years, is beyond belief. The incomprehensibility of the matter can only be attributed to the prevailing foggy atmosphere.

During the entire period of the constitutional history of Pakistan, senate elections have always been held in the light of Article 226 of the constitution which makes it imperative to hold the elections through secret ballots. It is also mandatory that any amendment to the constitution must be made by the parliament and any attempt to do otherwise would be termed as unconstitutional. It is also stipulated that any attempt to ravage the provisions of the constitution by any fortune hunter would amount to treason and punishable as condemnation to death. The hazy atmosphere is being used as smoke screen for the sake of circumventing the essential meaning of the word ‘secrecy’. The sustaining long foggy spell, on the contrary has benumbed the sovereign senses so much, that stealthy attempts are being made to seek the desired amendments by imposing the whimsical changes through ordinances at will. It is only the fog that is hiding the realities and dragging the supreme judiciary in the mire of tempering with constitution, while neglecting the sacred domain, the legislative responsibilities and the fundamental powers of the national assembly.

The mystery as to who are the real drivers of the national electoral and the administrative machinery goes on being intensified in the current hazy situation. The foggy atmosphere provides the invisible aliens the opportunity to romp about in the governance circles for building up mutual ties. Instead, they are prompted to contact the places from which the strings actually controlling and manipulating the puppets or show-pieces of the administrative authority. The existing foggy conditions in the state are responsible for bringing such a change of approach.

The sugar-cane crushing season is now about to come to an end, meaning that sugar production in the country has reached the optimum. The import of sugar from abroad has also replenished the sugar stocks. It is only the constantly prevailing fog that hampers all attempts at finding out why sugar prices are still sky-rocketing. Why are the government employees being served with clouds of tear-gas when they assemble at D-chowk, Islamabad for the redress of their grievances? Why is the responsibility of solving the issue of increasing the pay of provincial employees left for the provincial governments to tackle? Why are pensioners not being treated as the most serious sufferers in the prevailing scenario? Such are the mind boggling questions with which the common citizens of the state confronted, but the thick layer of fog stands in the way of realization of realities on the part of the government.

Please do something for the eradication of the fog. The government needs to be provided with a clear atmosphere for the realization of truths. Let the fog clear and let the powers that be comprehend the gravity of the situation in a clearer perspective..