April 23, 2024
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Coronavirus vaccine should be accessible to all: Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked for global harmonized struggle to fight the hostile implications of COVID-19 and to battle against its second wave.

Talking to the council of heads of state of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) via video link on Tuesday, he said the vaccine of coronavirus should be a “global public good” and it should come in the affordability and accessibility of all.

He insisted on chalking out a plan to lessen the bad economic implications of coronavirus in the short, medium and long terms.

He also suggested to establish an SCO knowledge-bank to provide guidance to the member states on how to fight against the second wave of coronavirus.

The prime minister said that G-20 countries must do more to meet the looming issues like climate change, polluting environment, inequality among nations, poverty, hunger, disease and sustainable development.

He also said that steps should also be taken to cease the transfer of money from the poor countries to off-shore bank accounts in the developed countries.

Imran Khan also advised to develop an SCO Youth Strategy through which educational institutions would be connected and affiliated with one another.

He said that through SCO partnership, exchange programmes must be announced among the educational institutes in technology, offering scholarships for youth in the field of science.

He also announced that China and Pakistan were also putting collective efforts in the preparation of vaccine by successfully leading to the phase three trials.

He said that Pakistan was ready to share its experience in the fight against coronavirus and how it kept the death toll comparatively low by implementing smart and micro smart lockdowns and by giving financial assistance to the poor.

To induce stability and cooperation in the region, Imran Khan asked the concerned nations to follow the UN Security Council Resolutions to resolve the outstanding disputes peacefully.

Pointing towards Indian action on Kashmir, he said that changing the status of disputed territories illegally opposing the UN Security Council Resolutions damages the regional peace.

He said that Pakistan had throughout supported the Afghan-led peace process in Afghanistan as “there is no military solution to Afghanistan conflict”.

He also said that return of Afghan refugees to their homeland should be a part of the peace negotiations.