April 22, 2024
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LLU’s Department of Politics & IR conducts seminar on “Speaking with Impact”

Department of Politics & IR conducts seminar on “Speaking with Impact”

Renowned journalist and Country Today Editor Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri speaks to the MPhil Politics & IR students, shares his theory of impactful communication with the audience.

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Lahore Leads University’s Department of Politics & International Relations arranged a seminar titled “Speaking with Impact” on Sunday. Renowned journalist and Country Today Editor Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri spoke to the MPhil Politics & IR students on the given topic. The seminar was aimed at providing the students with practical insights and techniques to make them speak with impact.

MPhil student & moderator Osama Kamran introduced the speaker to the audience first and then Department of Politics & IR Chairperson Dr. Khadeeja Imran presented bouquet to the guest speaker.

Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri shared his theory of impactful communication with the audience and kept them involved in the activity throughout the session. He conducted a communication analysis session in which the students communicated their ideas in different languages.

In the session, he proved with examples that impactful communication can only be done if the speaker has grip over the topic of the discussion and he/she does not have any language barrier. He also suggested ways to improve the second or third language proficiency if direly needed.

Overall, the session encouraged active participation from the students, who shared their own stories and observed their individual areas for improvement. Through this exercise, the students got to know about their areas of strength in communication and learned to identify and address their shortcomings.

Medium of Communication and Relevance of Knowledge:

Fraaz Kasuri emphasized the importance of selecting the appropriate medium of communication for effective message delivery. He highlighted the significance of relevance in terms of knowledge and audience both, stressing that it plays a vital role in capturing and retaining the attention of the audience. The participants gained an understanding of the importance of tailoring their communication to suit the needs and interests of their listeners.


Question & Answer Session:

A question & answer session allowed the students to engage with the speaker directly. The speaker answered all the queries regarding language learning and addressed the questions related to overcoming language barriers. He also distinguished between language and communication, shedding light on the significance of effective communication beyond language proficiency.

To conclude the seminar, Chairperson Dr. Khadeeja Imran, the chairperson, expressed her appreciation to the students for their active participation and involvement throughout the event. She extended her gratitude to Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri for sharing his expertise and insights on “Speaking with Impact”. The seminar successfully equipped students with the practical skills and knowledge to enhance their communication abilities and left them inspired to communicate effectively in various domains.